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Find MARC records in our large database containing print, A/V, professional, and e-materials. If you cannot find what you are looking for, search elsewhere with the built-in z-server search or easily catalog it by starting with the search terms you've already entered.

The Subject Explorer helps you search and add LC, LCAC, and Sears headings in a click.


Fix records individually in the MARC Editor or as a batch using advanced Global Editing capabilities. Edits are always saved and can be grouped into Workflows to allow you to save time by creating once and running many times.

One-click Enhancements can update records to RDA, update Subject Headings, add Award Notes, and more.


Whether you have a single media specialist or several spread across different sites, BestMARC works within your cataloging flow.

Share Global Edits and Workflows you've created among members of your team. Pass files between users. Manage users and view charts and statistics.

Use BestMARC to simplify your processing.

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